About Synapse Canine

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Synapse Canine Learning Center is a multi-disciplinary based dog training and behavioral organization specializing in pet, sport and working dogs. Our mission is to optimize the unique potential of every dog that we work with through cutting edge behavioral strategies, research backed training methods and relationship maximization between dog and handler.

Each of our programs begins with a comprehensive evaluation which enables us to truly understand your dog and how we can best reach your goals. Instead of simply analyzing your dog and their behavior, we assess several important genetic considerations, critical developmental markers and health profile. We also assess their learning history, life experiences, and previous and current environmental factors. We don’t exclusively use this information for structuring your dog’s training plan, either – we use it to help you best understand your dog and how to most effectively communicate with them.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the dog in front of you. This information will help maximize training sessions and, most importantly, the bond that you have with your dog.  We teach you how to train your dog so you don’t need to rely on other people to do it for you. 

What Makes Synapse Canine Different?

We aren’t just your average dog trainer. While any dog trainer can legally practice without credentials or experience, we provide our clients with much more than simply a love for the species. Combining years of education in clinical animal behavior with veterinary industry experience, professional certifications and over two decades of hands-on training experience, we have helped thousands of dog owners and handlers achieve their training goals. 

We believe that dogs learn best when they feel safe, comfortable and like their needs are being adequately met. It has been proven that the brains of mammals cannot learn properly when they are experiencing chronic or extreme stress, so we will always do our best to make sure that your dog’s training environment is set up in such a way that is conducive to quality learning. During sessions, we will monitor your dog’s behavior to ensure that training concludes without ever pushing them beyond the point of productivity. We believe in creating positive associations with cues, training and environments, and will not expose your dog to counterproductive situations which may be detrimental to their wellbeing or progress. 

Synapse Canine Learning Center is a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) (US) and Fellowship of Animal Behavior Clinicians (FABC) (UK). We follow a LIMA based training philosophy, which means that our training and behavioral work is conducted in the least intrusive, minimally aversive method possible in order to achieve a particular goal. In extremely dangerous behavioral cases where a dog is a serious threat to the public, at risk of behavioral euthanasia, or in any situation which will require us to achieve a behavioral outcome very rapidly, a discussion on training methods will occur with owners and it will be necessary to compare the honest risks with each potential method and outcome prior to moving forward. During instances such as these, it can be necessary to implement a variety of quick result training methods for the safety of the dog, their handler or the public. This will always be considered on a case-by-case basis, after a thorough assessment of the dog and involved risk factors is conducted.

Our experience with working dogs provides us with a unique perspective on canine behavior. We have trained a variety of working dogs in various disciplines, including police K9s, detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, service dogs and sport dogs. The ability to work with and train these dogs has taught us a great deal about the canine olfactory system, motivators and natural drives, artificial selection in purposeful breeding and how all of these factors play a significant role in the behavior of our domestic dogs. 

Our working dog training programs rely on thorough evaluations to determine a dog’s natural strengths and motivators, in addition to taking into consideration temperament, innate characteristics, natural working potential and limitations. Every time a handler deploys a dog, they are asking it to engage in a collection of specific behaviors. We understand how critical it is to optimize the dog’s enthusiasm for these behaviors, in addition to teaching the dog how to most effectively use these behaviors to stay safe and get the job done. 

We are incredibly passionate about dogs, their humans, and the relationship between them. At Synapse Canine, we maximize strengths and reduce weaknesses so that every dog has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

Every dog has the potential to amaze if given the chance. 

At Synapse Canine, we have the education and experience to bring out the best in your dog.

If you have dog training goals, we want to help you achieve them!