Working Dog Programs

At Synapse Canine, we train working K9 teams for real world deployment. From search and rescue to detection dogs, we understand the importance of a K9 partner that you can depend on. We also believe that successful working dog teams rely on educated handlers, not just educated dogs. Our approach to working dog training ensures that both you and your dog are set up to succeed by customizing programs to meet your specific goals.

Our programs cover a wide range of working dog disciplines, from SAR to detection, bite work and more. We also offer a variety of working puppy programs to give your pup the best possible chance to become an excellent K9 partner. When it comes to dog training, we don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches. Every K9 team has three distinctive components: the dog, the handler, and the relationship between them. Our working dog programs are structured around optimizing each of these components to make your K9 team the best that it can be. 

Our data-driven approach to working dogs will ensure that you are getting the most up to date training and the best possible results. Great dog handler teams need great training – so take a look at our programs below and let us know which suits you best.

Detection Dog

Search and Rescue
Dog Training

K9 Partner Pairing Program

Specialized Working
Dog Training

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Our working dog programs will help you and your K9 become the strongest team possible. 

With our comprehensive approach to working dog training, you will learn to understand your dog’s behavior and how to optimize it, how to get the most out of your training and deployments, how to be a highly effective handler, and ultimately: how to be the best team that you can be. Our comprehensive programs will ensure that you and your dog are set up for success in your discipline, and are prepared to overcome common obstacles which K9 teams face.

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