Group Classes

Attending a group class is a fantastic way to socialize your dog, teach them to respond to commands in environments with distractions present, and to learn in a way that is fun and engaging. If you want to learn how to teach your dog obedience, try a new dog sport, or just take a fun class on an interesting topic, group classes are for you! Group classes are an economical way to get all the benefits of professional dog training with the added bonus of making new friends and teaching your dog to work in new environments. 

We offer a variety of group classes in the Mooresville area. From Intro to K9 Search and Rescue to Basic Obedience, you and your dog will have a blast trying new things, meeting new people and learning valuable new skills together.

Our Group Classes

Learn more about our group class training programs below.

Basic Obedience (6 Weeks)


Our Basic Obedience class is a comprehensive course that takes your dogs through more than just the basics. During this class, your dog will learn sit, down, stay, recall, heel and loose leash walking, place and leave-it. We will also, however, cover cue generalization, the resolution of common behavioral concerns, an intro to clicker training and trick training, and an out in public field trip where we will work on public etiquette, socialization and desensitization. 

Rally Obedience (6 Weeks)

Intro to Rally (Novice: Signs 1-42)


This class begins by covering the rules of AKC Rally Obedience, the competition format and how to title your dog in Rally. The next section of the course will be based on learning how to perform signs #1-#42, which are the signs used in the Novice level of Rally Obedience. The final portion of the course will help prepare students for competition by practicing with a variety of real Rally Obedience courses.

Rally (Intermediate and Advanced: Signs 101-123)


Our Rally Intermediate and Advanced level group class is tailored to students who have either already titled their dog at the Novice level, or who have taken our Intro to Rally class. This class will cover the new signs presented at the Intermediate and Advanced levels, in addition to how to run the courses with your dog off leash. The final section of the class will include both on leash and off leash Rally course practice.

Rally (Excellent: Signs 201-299)


Our Rally Excellent group class is tailored to students whose dogs have already titled in Rally Advanced or who have taken our Rally Intermediate and Advanced course. This class will cover advanced off leash concepts in addition to the new signs added in this level. Please note that many sign numbers between 201-299 are not used so a total of 17 new signs will be learned during this class. 

Scent Work

Intro to Scent Work (6 Weeks)


Our Intro to Scent Work class covers the basics of odor theory and how dogs locate target odors, the rules of AKC Scent Work, imprinting of three AKC Scent Work target odors (Birch, Star Anise and Clove), building your dog’s indication, search strategy and proofing off distractions. During this class, you will learn to begin reading your dog’s hunting cues and how you know when they are getting close to target odor. 

Interior (6 Weeks)


Our Interior Scent Work class focuses on teaching your dog to effectively search and recognize target odor in a variety of indoor environments. During this class, we begin working on elevated hides, accessible and inaccessible interior hides, in addition to working new and aged hides in a variety of environments with different types of airflow.

Exterior (6 Weeks)


Our Exterior Scent Work class focuses on teaching your dog how to effectively search and recognize target odor in a variety of outdoor settings. This class also covers odor theory and the unique ways that odor moves outside. We will work on low hides, elevated hides, accessible and inaccessible hides, as well as a variety of hides types where scent movement can be drastically altered by airflow. 

Buried and Container (4 Weeks)


Our Buried and Container Scent Work class covers the search strategy of buried hides and container searches. This class will expose your dog to a variety of container types, as well as both hides buried in dirt and water. Searches will be conducted indoors and outdoors. 

Handler Discrimination (3 Weeks)


This class will cover the Handler Discrimination aspect of scent work competitions. During this class, we will teach your dog how to discriminate your scent from distractor scents and blanks, and they will get the opportunity to practice in a non-competitive environment. We will work with both gloves and socks in this class. 

AKC CGC (6 Weeks)


The AKC Canine Good Citizen class is structured to prepare students to pass their AKC CGC certification test. This class covers all ten tasks on the evaluation separately so that you will have the opportunity to work through specific challenges and master each task prior to moving on. In the final portion of this class, we will conduct mock tests, where you can refine your skills and fully prepare for the evaluation. Finally, all dog-handler teams will have the opportunity to take their AKC CGC evaluation and gain their certificate. 

How Dogs Learn (4 weeks)


This is a unique class opportunity tailored for individuals who are interested in learning about learning theory in dog training and dog behavior. This is an educational course for humans, and is conducted in a classroom setting. During this class, we will cover operant and classical conditioning, motivators, different types of behavioral modification strategies, dog development, reading body language and more!

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What are the benefits of group class training?

Group classes are a unique learning opportunity boasting their own set of benefits. It’s incredible what can be accomplished in a six-week program, and the knowledge you will acquire can last a lifetime. Some specific benefits of group classes include:

Socialize your dog in a controlled environment.

Socialization is very important for puppies and adult dogs alike. It teaches them to be comfortable around new people and other dogs, and to respond confidently in new environments. Socialization becomes counterproductive, however, when a dog is exposed to trauma or intense stress during an outing or interaction. These experiences can cause fear, reactivity or sensitization to triggers that weren’t a concern before. Group classes offer an opportunity to socialize your dog in a controlled setting where they can take things at their own pace and inter-dog interactions can be easily managed with professional supervision. 

Receive expert training and professional advice economically.

Private lessons are a fantastic option when custom training is a requirement, but they are oftentimes more expensive than group classes. Group classes enable students to receive a comprehensive array of professional knowledge, while still being affordable enough for students to try a variety of disciplines.

Teach your dog to listen to cues around distractions.

Dogs don’t naturally generalize behaviors like humans do. This is why they might listen sit or recall in one environment, but the moment they are in a different environment it’s like they’ve never heard the words before. Distractions can make it increasingly difficult for dogs to focus, but oftentimes busy environments are where we need them to listen to us most! Group classes offer a unique opportunity for dogs to learn around distractions, making it easier for them to focus in other busy environments.

Make new dog owner friends.

It’s always great for dogs to have the opportunity to make friends with other dogs, but it’s even better when dog owners can make friends with each other! Group classes can be an excellent place to connect with other dog owners, to find people with similar training goals and to find local friends who are just as excited about doggy playdates as you are!


You’ll have the opportunity to learn a wider variety of information (by being around other dogs and learning how to work through a variety of obstacles).

Students have the opportunity to watch a variety of dogs, and personalities, work during group classes. Being exposed to other handlers working through different obstacles can help you become a better dog trainer. If you have a puppy, you might find yourself eventually dealing with a situation that another student is going through during your class. This can be helpful in preparing you for recognizing the issue early on and understanding how to resolve it effectively.

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Group classes are a fun, effective and affordable way to teach your dog new commands and skills.

We regularly run a range of group classes, from basic obedience and Canine Good Citizen programs, to dog sports like scent work and Rally obedience. 

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