K9 Partner Pairing Program

Finding the right K9 partner can be a difficult, time consuming and expensive process. With so many options for breeders, green dogs and imports, finding the right dog can be overwhelming.

Synapse Canine can assist in making this process significantly easier by doing the work for you. Our K9 Partner Pairing Program helps match handlers with a purpose bred puppy, adolescent or young dog who would be a suitable fit for a particular discipline. Combining experience and expertise, we offer a comprehensive approach to finding a solid candidate for your next K9 partner.

At Synapse Canine, we have the education and experience to bring out the best in your dog.

If  you have dog training goals, we want to help you achieve them!

Benefits of our K9 Pairing Program

Although there is never a 100% guarantee that any dog will be perfect for a job, even after being trained and certified, our program minimizes the chance that you will experience the frustrating process of washing a dog who you have dedicated a great deal of time, energy and resources to. Some benefits of our K9 Partner Pairing Program are:

No guesswork.

We remove trial and error from the process of purchasing a working dog. Combining extensive working dog knowledge with a scientific understanding of dog behavior, development and health enables us to identify the highest quality breeders and providers. We find the best matches for your specific objectives and attain a comprehensive body of information on each potential candidate and their background prior to selection. We ensure that all puppies and dogs being considered are appropriately tested, and provide you with the results of these evaluations. If any candidates selected are found to have particular sensitivities or demonstrate behaviors which may need to be worked through, we will report this information to you so the best informed decision can be made.

Our program is all about you.

We provide a comprehensive application prior to beginning any K9 Partner Pairing project. This application will discuss the specifics your purpose for the dog, training experience and plans, timescales, price range, living situation, location and desired travel range, special qualities you may be seeking in your future partner and much more. By gathering as much information as possible, we can be certain to find the most appropriate fit for you and your goals.

We advocate for you.

Getting the dog you need is the purpose of this program, and we do our best to make certain that happens. We always provide direct contact information for any potential breeders or suppliers so you can contact them with questions, but we also make sure that you receive accurate information and have a full understanding of what you are getting before prior to attaining the dog.

Ongoing support.

After you receive your puppy or dog, we provide ongoing virtual behavioral support for the first year. In puppies, this support focuses on optimizing developmental stages and helps you maximize important behavioral windows of opportunity. We will also provide insight on developing an environmentally stable puppy, alongside other important behavioral objectives in working dogs. If the dog begins demonstrating any behavioral concerns, we will help you understand why they may be occurring and how to work through them effectively.

Every dog is a commitment, but the commitment that handlers have with their K9 partner is something truly special and unique. We understand how important having the right working dog is, and strive to make that happen for every handler who reaches out to us. Some of the disciplines that we specialize in matching for are:

  • Detection
  • Single and dual purpose police K9
  • K9 SAR 
  • Protection and security
  • Sport dogs
  • Service dogs
  • Therapy dogs 

If your discipline is not listed, please reach out to us to discuss if this program is a good fit for your needs.

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Finding the right K9 partner is pivotal to achieving success in any working discipline. We take the guesswork out of this process and give you peace of mind in knowing that you are getting a topnotch candidate specifically selected for your needs. Whether you’re searching for a puppy, an adolescent or a green adult dog, our comprehensive pairing program will optimize your chances of getting the right dog for the job. 

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