Detection Dog Training

Synapse Canine Learning Center offers premium detection dog training services for working dogs and their handlers. We offer complete detection training programs for novice or green dogs, foundational programs for detection puppy candidates and solution programs for active detection K9 teams. We possess years of experience working with a variety of detection types, and will prepare you and your K9 to succeed in your discipline.

Our innovative detection dog training programs are science based and built around optimizing a dog’s working capabilities through environmental training, highly effective associative target odor pairing, drive development, search strategy and stamina development,  behavioral generalization and more. We strive to develop dog-handler teams who are confident and effective working in any environment they may find themselves having to work. 

From the initial evaluation to teaching your dog to locate target odor, proofing, problem-solving and deployments, our goal is to ensure that you get the best possible tool to get the job done as smoothly and accurately as possible – every time. 

Our detection dog services are highly comprehensive and also include the development of effective handler skills. We teach handlers to effectively read their dog’s behavior during searches, how to understand canine olfaction and odor theory, how to keep training records, how to keep their dog’s working motivation high, how to navigate potential issues and training plateaus and more. Ultimately, we want you to leave feeling confident that you are the best possible handler that you can be.

Human Remains
Detection (HRD) Training

Wildlife Conservation

Bed Bug & Termite
Detection Training

Explosives Detection

If you do not see the detection discipline you are interested in listed above, please feel free to contact us. We will consider training program development for alternative disciplines on a case-by-case basis after discussing your goals and requirements. 

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Our detection training services will help build the best dog for the job. From dog selection to troubleshooting concerning behavior of operational detection dogs, we are here to ensure that you get the most out of your K9. 

We also recognize that effective handling skills are 50% of the equation, so every one of our programs focuses on optimizing both dog and handler performance. The work you do is significant, and our customizable detection dog programs ensure that you reach your goals while getting the most out of your time and training efforts. 

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