Explosives Detection Training

Explosives Detection Dogs have a pivotal role in the safety of the public and homeland security. These dogs oftentimes work both small and large scale deployments and are taught to systematically search areas for explosives threats. From searching multi-story buildings to parking lots, events, packages, luggage and more, explosives detection dogs are oftentimes expected to work in high traffic areas where distractions are plentiful.

It is imperative that EDDs are accurate in detecting the compounds commonly used to engineer explosive devices at a variety of threshold levels while ignoring other odors and stimuli. Due to the nature of the job, EDDs work in a way that is unique to their discipline. They must always maintain a certain degree of distance from their target odor, which oftentimes means being able to identify explosive devices in another room without actually entering it. It is imperative that explosives detection dog handlers are competent at reading their dog’s behavior during searches, and can aid them in working systematically without cuing or pulling their dog off of target odor. Explosives detection dogs must be able to identify and work scent cones emitted from stationary and moving targets. EDDs are still recognized as being the fastest and most effective way to accurately detect explosives devices, and they are often used by law enforcement, security companies, Federal Protective Services and TSA.

In our EDD program, we train dogs to detect a variety of explosives target odors. The target odors trained can be customized to suit the requirements of your certifying body or the nature of your work. We prioritize the safety of dogs and handlers in our program, and train teams to work with precision while maintaining safe search strategy. Optimizing handler effectiveness is a primary goal of this program, and we teach handlers how to work through potential obstacles, how to effectively read their dog’s body language during searches, how to strategically handle their K9 without disrupting active searching and more. 

Our Explosive Detection Dog Program

Our EDD program prepares you and your K9 for certification and active deployment. Although we prioritize effective searching in the environments which you will be conducting your work, we focus on developing solid EDDs who can successfully work in any environment. Quality handling skills are critical for the effectiveness and safety of your team, so we include comprehensive education aimed at maximizing handler competency and confidence within this program. For the K9, this program focuses on developing highly dependable obedience to the target odor profile, a passive indication reliably demonstrated at a safe distance from odor, environmental stability and focus, and generalization of target odors at a variety of thresholds.

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Our Training Process

Step 1

We will conduct a suitability assessment of your dog’s natural working capabilities and aptitudes specific to the work to determine if they are a solid candidate for EDD training.

Step 2

A consultation will be conducted with the handler regarding the nature of their work, the focal target odors they would like trained, any specific challenges they may face during deployments and training requests they have for their program.

Step 3

We will “imprint” your dog on target odors specific to EDD training to ensure that they have a comprehensive mental picture of the associated VOC profile.

Step 4

Your dog will learn a passive indication which will be associated with the target odor profile and performed at a distance from target odor.

Step 5

Your dog will learn to hunt in a wide variety of environments, and for a variety of durations, while learning to ignore distractions and irrelevant odors. Priority will be given to preparing dogs to work in the environments which they will most frequently be deploying. Supplementary training will be included to help strengthen the dogs workability. Any supplementary training implemented during this stage will be specific to the needs of the K9 and handler.

Step 6

Obedience cues will be taught, generalized and proofed if necessary.

Step 7

EDD specific training tailored towards certification preparation and deployment.

We also provide a great deal of instruction to future handlers during this training. Some of the skills we teach EDD handlers are:

  • Understanding the canine olfactory system and odor dynamics
  • Understanding odor dynamics and movement specific to varying explosive substances and molecular weights
  • Lead management skills
  • How to effectively detail and when to avoid it 
  • Implementing an effective search strategy in different environments
  • Record keeping
  • How to optimally store and handle training aids
  • How to work an EDD dog effectively without cuing them
  • How to reward a dog safely during training and deployments
  • How to understand their dog’s behavior and maximize their working potential during training and operationally

Our EDD training program is very comprehensive and will ensure that you and your dog are getting the highest quality instruction possible in a demanding and hazardous discipline. Whether you are searching containers, vehicles, buildings, small or large areas, we ensure that you will feel prepared to safely and confidently deploy with your K9 no matter how challenging the environment.

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