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Synapse Canine Learning Center is a premier dog training organization specializing in the development of highly effective training and behavioral programs for pet dogs and working K9s. Located in central North Carolina, Synapse Canine provides its clients with a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to understanding their dog’s behavior and how to most effectively reach their training goals. 

We understand that every dog is an individual, and that standard cookie cutter approaches to dog training tend to foster miscommunication and frustration between a dog and their handler. Oftentimes, these approaches result in wasted time, a disappointing lack of results and even worsening behavioral outcomes. Our programs combine applied psychological principles and learning theory with neuroscience, ethology, anthrozoology and biology to develop the most comprehensive possible understanding of each dog that we work with.

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Pet Dog Training

Your dog isn’t just a pet – they are family. 

The incredibly unique bond between humans and dogs has been demonstrated in everything from Paleolithic cave art to the thousands of books, films, stories and articles we enjoy today. Cultivating this remarkable relationship between a person and their dog is not always straightforward, however, and it requires dedication, understanding and effective communication to truly flourish.

The science of understanding domestic dogs and their needs has made significant strides in the last few decades. More research is being done on this topic than ever before, and by implementing the incredible findings of scientists and practitioners alike, we can provide our dogs with the best possible quality of life. This, in turn, helps prevent potential behavioral issues, enables us to effectively communicate with our dogs and ultimately develops that cherished human-animal bond.

Our pet dog programs include everything that your puppy or dog needs to be successful in your home. From obedience to specialized training, enrichment programs and more, Synapse Canine Learning Center will make certain that you have the tools needed to achieve your dog training goals. For those who are interested in more, we also offer fantastic programs for task and trick training, therapy dog training and sport competition training.

Our Pet Dog Training programs include:

At Synapse Canine, we have the education and experience to bring out the best in your dog.

If you have dog training goals, we want to help you achieve them!

Behavioral Services

Our founder is a certified behaviorist with an academic background in clinical animal behavior and decades of hands-on behavioral experience in clinical settings, shelters and pet homes. We specialize in dog behavior and understand how scary and frustrating behavioral concerns in dogs can be. 

From aggression and reactivity to severe anxiety, destructive behaviors, fearfulness and much more, we specialize in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of dog behavioral concerns. Our behavioral programs start at the very beginning, by working to understand your dog’s genetics, health status, temperament, life and learning experiences. During this time, we will also do a comprehensive assessment of any behavioral concerns, the environments which these behaviors are occurring in and the resulting outcome. Once these evaluations have been conducted, we will be able to move forward with an accurate understanding of the behavior and its causes, further enabling us to implement the best behavioral modification plan possible. As the best plan is the one with the best results, we will also modify our strategy as necessary throughout the program to continue achieving optimal results.

Our behavioral programs are not just for dogs experiencing behavioral concerns, however: we also offer several unique prevention programs for owners who want to do everything they can to help minimize the chances of issues arising in the future.

Working Dog Training

Your working dog isn’t just a dog. They are your partner, and an incredible tool used to help handlers accomplish work that would be impossible for humans to do on their own. We understand how critical your K9 is for the job, and we want to help you develop the most effective partner possible. 

We offer years of experience specializing in working detection and SAR K9s. Synapse Canine provides operational working dog handlers and prospective working dog handlers with a variety of training and discipline specific optimization programs aimed at creating the most effective dog-handler team possible. Our comprehensive array of working dog services include everything from detection and search and rescue training for new handlers to solution services for active K9 handlers. We also offer a variety of evaluation types so you can better understand your K9, in addition to environmental stability and resiliency training, behavioral work, bite work fundamentals for puppies and more. 

Our services are designed specifically for dog-handler teams, so you can worry less about training variables and focus on being the best at your job.

At Synapse Canine Learning Center, we are all about optimizing your dog’s unique potential. We want you to understand your dog, reach your goals and truly experience the unparalleled partnership that exists between humans and their canine companions. Contact us today with questions or to inquire about our programs.

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