Bed Bug and Termite Detection Training

Bed bug and termite detection dogs are an incredibly valuable tool for pest control companies, property owners and home inspection companies. These dogs detect the presence of live pests which could lead rapidly lead to infestations if not promptly treated. Bed bug and termite detection dogs can be trained to locate live bed bug odor exclusively, live termite odor exclusively or both. Oftentimes Bed bug/Termite Detection Dogs are not only used to identify the presence of live bugs, but also to confirm if an extermination effort was successful. 

Most often, Bed bug detection dogs are used to inspect businesses, hotels, hospitals, schools and residential properties. They are highly effective at their job and if trained correctly are able to identify even a single bug. A study conducted by the University of Florida concluded that properly trained bed bug detection dogs are able to accurately identify live bugs 95%-98% of the time. This study also concluded that the dogs accurately alerted on live bed bugs and viable eggs while ignoring dead bed bugs, cast skins and feces. 

Using a Bed bug or Termite Detection Dog to inspect a property is often significantly faster and more accurate than performing a manual inspection. Multiple rooms can be effectively searched in a short amount of time, so a well-trained detection dog is a highly efficient tool for pest control companies and contractors. Termite dogs are most often used to inspect residential properties and older commercial buildings where structural concerns may arise. Termite Detection Dogs are capable of effectively identifying infestations through walls and flooring.

Our Bed Bug & Termite Detection Program

Our program sets Bed bug/Termite Detection Dogs and their handlers up for success by training dogs to identify target invaders in the areas where they are frequently found. We teach dogs to systematically search rooms and buildings in a nondestructive manner without making physical contact with bugs. We also ensure that the bed bug/termite detection dogs we train are environmentally stable and socially appropriate when working. We train Bed bug/Termite Detection Dogs to focus exclusively on locating target odor while ignoring distractors, ensuring that you get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Bed bug and Termite Detection Dogs that we train are highly accurate and specifically trained to work in a non-destructive and non-invasive manner. We offer Bed bug Detection Dog training, Termite Detection Dog training or dual Bed bug/Termite Detection Dog training to handlers who need to identify the presence of these invasive pests. We work with independent handlers as well as pest control companies who oftentimes use these dogs to identify the presence of live bugs before or after eradication efforts are made. 

Bed bug and Termite dogs may work on and off lead, although on leash work is typically more common. For bedbug handlers, it is crucial to understand how to effectively search a room without over-searching or missing areas. Understanding how to effectively read working dog behavior, in addition to recognizing why one’s dog may be demonstrating changes is behavior while searching is also pivotal. Handlers must be able to conduct an effective search without unintentionally cuing their dog or disrupting active searching. Although Bedbug and Termite Detection Dogs primarily work interior environments, the types of buildings and scope of searches can vary tremendously. We ensure that all of our Bedbug and Termite Detection Dogs are trained to effectively hunt in a wide variety of property types and for a variety of durations and distances. Our program prepares both dogs and their handlers to be highly effective at their job regardless of which environment their work may take them. 

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Our Training Process

Step 1

The first step in our training process is to meet with you to discuss your goals, job specifics, and if you would like to have your dog trained on bed bugs, termites or both. 

Step 2

If you have already selected a dog for training, a suitability assessment of their natural working capabilities and aptitudes specific to the work to determine if they are a solid candidate for training will be performed. If a dog has not yet been selected, we will go through the process of selecting the ideal candidate for this work.

Step 3

Your dog will be “imprinted” on live bug target odor.

Step 4

Your dog will learn an indication which will be associated with the target odor profile. We teach passive indications to our Bed bug and Termite Detection Dogs to prevent potential disturbance of private property or drawing necessary attention to the dog – handler team.

Step 5

Your dog will learn to hunt in a wide variety of environments while learning to ignore distractions and irrelevant odors. Priority will be given to preparing dogs to work in the environments which they will most frequently be deploying.

Step 6

Supplementary training will be included to help strengthen the dogs workability. Any supplementary training implemented during this stage will be specific to the needs of the K9 and handler.

Step 7

Operational preparation stage where searches similar to deployments will be conducted to help ensure that both dog and handler are as mission ready as possible.

We also provide a great deal of instruction to future handlers during this training. Some of the skills we teach Bed Bug and Termite Detection Dog handlers are:
  • Understanding the canine olfactory system and relevant behavior 
  • Understanding odor dynamics and movement 
  • Implementing an effective search strategy in different environments
  • How to optimally store and handle training aids, and how to maintain training 
  • How to work a Bed bug or Termite Detection Dog effectively without cueing them
  • How to reward a dog without disturbing the environment.
  • How to understand their dog’s behavior and maximize their working potential during training and in the field

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Our detection training services will help build the best dog for the job. From dog selection to troubleshooting concerning behavior of operational detection dogs, we are here to ensure that you get the most out of your K9. 

We also recognize that effective handling skills are 50% of the equation, so every one of our programs focuses on optimizing both dog and handler performance. The work you do is significant, and our customizable detection dog programs ensure that you reach your goals while getting the most out of your time and training efforts. 

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