Pet Dog Programs

Dogs have been the dedicated companions of humans for thousands of years. What was once a wild canid now helps us find the lost, detects bombs, and helps the blind safely cross roads. Although you might see the fluffy creature curled up on the couch or running wildly in the yard carrying a stick, the truth is that dogs are a very unique species who thrives when we understand them. Providing customizable programs tailored to your dog’s specific needs, our pet dog programs will help your dog live their best possible life. 

Whether you are looking for obedience training, dog sport training, specialized training or a behavioral program, Synapse Canine Learning Center has you covered. We teach you and your dog how to understand and communicate with each other, building the foundation for an incredible relationship. Our expertise and experience will ensure that you get the most out of your program, reach your training goals, and reveal the amazing animal that your dog is. 


Puppy Training


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Dogs aren’t just pets, they are family. Our pet dog training programs will give you the tools necessary to reach your goals and optimize your dog’s potential. We offer a comprehensive variety of premium programs tailored to fit your needs, providing a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure that you are getting the most out of every lesson. Whether you are looking for a versatile, well-mannered pet, first-class behavioral assistance, a quality sporting partner, or help with a specialist discipline, we are here to help.

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