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Obedience training is typically one of the first things that come to mind when people think of dog training – and for good reason. Obedience training is not only imperative for the safety of our dogs, both inside the home and outside of it, but it also provides a way for us to communicate expectations to our dogs when we wouldn’t otherwise have a way to do so. From boundary setting to preparing dogs for specialized training, obedience training provides a massive host of benefits for both dogs and their owners. 

At Synapse Canine Learning Center, we provide multiple levels of obedience training tailored specifically to your goals. Our obedience programs are highly effective for puppies, adolescent dogs, adult dogs and seniors. These programs range in complexity of learning outcomes so that you can keep your training as simple – or as challenging – as you’d like. We work systematically through our obedience programs, so you can be assured that your dog will have a solid foundation before moving forward.

Our Programs

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Basic On-Leash Obedience Training

4 Week Program ($575)

Our four-week basic obedience training program covers all the basic cues on leash, in addition to practical off leash skills being accomplished in your home. This program prepares the dog to respond to a variety of cues when it matters most, and sets the foundation for more advanced forms of obedience training. The cues taught in this program include a “focus” cue, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking and heel, recall, leave-it and place. A “drop it” command can also be taught in this program if desired.

6 Week Program ($850)

Our six-week basic obedience program is our most comprehensive option for individuals who plan to take their dog out of their home environment for walks or socialization. This foundational class is also appropriate for individuals planning to use their dog as a service dog, ESA, therapy dog, sport dog or working dog. It includes all cues taught in the four week class: a “focus” command, sit, down, stay, heel and loose leash walking, recall, leave-it and place (with the option to also teach a “drop it” command). In addition, it also includes two out in public field trip sessions focusing on effective socialization, cue generalization and desensitization if necessary. These additional classes will be focused on teaching your dog how to behave appropriately and respond to their cues consistently in public, which can help prevent over-excitement and stress in new environments.

Advanced Obedience Training

4 Week Program ($575)

Our four-week advanced obedience training program brings basic obedience to the next level. This course focuses on increasing the distance in which dogs can perform their commands, the duration that they are able to hold their commands for, and teaches them to respond to these commands in environments where distractions are present. It also teaches more advanced cues, including stand, a down in motion, back-up, a retrieval cue and target.

Off-Leash Advanced Obedience Training

6 Week Program ($850)

Our six-week off leash advanced obedience program combines all the skills learned in basic obedience and focuses on teaching dogs how to accurately respond to these cues off the leash. Focusing primarily on long distance sit and down – stays, off-lead heeling and long distance recall, your dog will work to master impulse control in a variety of public settings. This class is appropriate for pet dogs, sport dogs, working dog and service dogs.

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What are the benefits of obedience training?

There are numerous benefits to obedience training for dogs, some of which owners oftentimes don’t think about until they enter a situation and wish they could ask their dog for a behavior that it doesn’t know. Some benefits of obedience training include:

Obedience training helps dogs learn how to act appropriately in human society.

Do you want to be able to take your dog out in public for walks or socialization? It is typically more pleasant to do so if your dog has already learned which behaviors are expected of them in these settings. Teaching a dog basic obedience can also help lessen the stress associated with being in new environments and will lessen the chances of undesirable behavioral outbursts occurring.

Obedience training is a necessary precursor to many competitive dog sports, certifications and specialized training.

Are you thinking that you may want to get your dog AKC CGC certified, pursue therapy or service dog work? Do you ever feel like it would be a lot of fun to get involved in agility or Rally Obedience competitions? Are you considering a volunteer position with a K9 SAR team? A certain level of obedience training is necessary to successfully participate in all of these things! From protection sport to conformation, obedience is critical to your dog’s success in their chosen activity.

Obedience training can help prevent or minimize behavioral issues.

 Obedience training helps owners teach their dog boundaries and expectations, which is valuable for the resolution of prevention of common behavioral concerns such as counter surfing, jumping on guests and bolting out doors. It provides a form of redirection during episodes of hyperarousal or excitement, where excessive barking or biting can occur. It helps establish a stronger bond between a dog and their handler, which can lessen anxiety and help prevent behavioral outbursts caused by stress.

Obedience training teaches impulse control.

From bolting outdoors to chasing small animals, impulse control is a necessary skill for dogs to develop for their own safety. Dogs are naturally impulsive creatures who – without training – will behave in whichever manner their instincts direct them to during any given situation. Impulse control begins to develop when dogs learn to calm themselves enough to choose how they react to environmental stimuli. Potential triggers, such as doors opening or other dogs, can cause dogs to react in ways that are not necessarily safe for them. Teaching impulse control gives us the opportunity to either teach them an alternative behavior or redirect them before they react.

Obedience training makes it safe to give dogs freedom.

 If you have aspirations of taking hikes with your dog off-leash, or letting them out in a yard with no fence, a solid recall will be imperative. Obedience training will provide a safe and systematic way to teach your dog how you want them to behave on leash, which will eventually teach them how to behave off leash.

Obedience training will improve your life - and the lives of your guests.

Obedience training has many benefits, one of which include significantly improving your quality of life. Many of the shelter dogs we have worked with were surrendered because they were “out of control,” or “didn’t listen.” Unfortunately, most of these dogs had not partaken in obedience training and were simply engaging in behaviors which came naturally to them. Living in the house with a dog who doesn’t understand what you are asking it to do can be very frustrating. Being unable to communicate expectations oftentimes results in discouraging and undesirable behaviors. Would you like to protect food left on the counter from being eaten, guests from being jumped on, or your arm from being virtually yanked from its socket while walking? If so, obedience training is for you!

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Effective obedience training is typically straightforward to teach and does not require a daunting daily time commitment to be successful. It is easy to implement into daily activities and can help build respect between a human and their dog. From puppies to seniors, obedience training is a skill that will be useful in a variety of situations for the lifetime of the dog. It can be a lot of fun for everyone involved, and dogs often begin to really look forward to their training sessions once they begin. 

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